Executive Team Alignment

A high percentage of leadership teams operate without clear priorities and without an understanding of the roles of the different members.  Over the course of nine years of collaboration with the United States Department of Justice, we have designed a process to help leadership teams operate effectively and maximize the output of their time invested. 


A partnership retreat is the optimal opportunity to have the important, big-picture conversations that don’t fit in the day-to-day schedule.   We custom design and facilitate dozens of partnership retreats every year. 

Strategy Development and Implementation

Most partnerships have a strategic plan that is several years old and guides next to none of the current decision-making.  We know that a meaningful strategy requires clear choices and sustained follow-through.  We customize each project with an eye on solutions to implementation challenges at the outset.  Every strategy project is also a leadership project.

mergers and acquisitions

A combination with another partnership is likely to be the biggest decision a partnership will make.  Partnerships contemplate combinations for offensive and defensive reasons, and some opportunities appear out of the blue.  We help partnerships evaluate strategic options, understand the cultural implications, and manage the internal discussions and consensus building.


As partnerships grow and/or experience generational transitions, questions arise about the optimal system of decision-making.  Do we become more centralized?  Do we expand the leadership team?  Do we include a partner from every office?  There is no effective off-the-shelf solution to the governance question.  We bring decades of experience and a highly attuned organizational culture radar to our work in your environment.

succession Planning

Demographic realities and the urgent nature of client demands have made it challenging for many partnerships to develop the “next generation” of leaders and to anchor key clients to the institution rather than to a specific senior partner.  As the founders and other senior leaders retire, the related issues of key client and leadership succession loom large.   We help clients become more systematic in addressing succession, and we work jointly with senior and junior partners to design a framework specifically tailored to the nature of the work and the key clients.

Executive Coaching

We do not offer coaching as a last-ditch effort before a partner is counseled out of his firm.  We offer executive coaching to partners who want to spend their “investment time” as wisely as possible and those who want to increase their ability to positively influence others.  Executive coaching is often a follow-on to a strategy or governance project.