Partnerships are formed with a sharp focus on serving an initial client base. The choices about the internal workings of the partnership (e.g., roles, expectations, compensation) are driven by expediency more than care for building a durable foundation. This is the accidental design of most partnerships.

Inevitably, important differences among partners begin to percolate: how decisions are made and who makes them; admitting new partners; expanding into new markets; key client succession.  Too often the differences are left unresolved because partners are busy, the issues can be sensitive, and inertia is powerful.  Unfortunately, cracks in the foundation do not repair themselves.  They get worse.

As internal relationships decay, the ability to thrive in the external environment is compromised.  Our work at Childers & Partners is to help clients address the thorny issues that need attention, and do it constructively. The result is a more aligned, effective, and externally competitive partnership.